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At Florida Coast to Coast Helicopters, Inc. our philosophy is simple; we believe in providing you with professional, safe and cost effective helicopter services. Based on this philosophy we have been growing slow, but steady, over the years and we are okay with that. We don't believe in advertising services we can't provide to you while continuing to operate within our philosophy. So we have been cautious on our selection of location, helicopters and pilots.

We are currently located at the Pompano Beach Airpark providing a central hub for operations within Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. However, we do provide services throughout the State of Florida and beyond.

All of our helicopters are bought new from the factory. We don't believe in leasing helicopters as we cannot be sure of the quality of pilots or mechanics that have been in control of those aircraft. In fact, to ensure the maintenance is conducted properly on our helicopters we have taken the time and expense of being certified by Robinson Helicopters, Inc. as an Authorized Service Center. To maintain this status, every year Robinson Helicopters recertifies our operation and mechanics to ensure that we are providing quality maintainance to our customers and the industry. Being a Robinson Helicopters Authorized Service Center along with our factory trained  mechanics, you can be assured that we are operating safe and quality helicopters.

Additionally, we don't hire pilots that are only interested in building their flight time or trying to impress you with what they can do in a helicopter. We hire quality pilots that realize the need for safety, know the operating limitations of the helicopter, accept our philosophy and conduct their flights accordingly. All applicants must complete and pass our ground school training, flight training and written exam before they are awarded a pilot position within our company. If awarded a flight position each pilot then receives quarterly ground school training, flight training and a written exam. Again, they must pass all aspects of this quarterly training in order to maintain their position within our company.

With our great location, quality helicopters and well trained pilots we will provide you with professional, safe and cost effective helicopter services.


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